Leading in a Crisis

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In a crisis of the scale currently impacting Sri Lanka, we have a natural desire to support our teams, our organizations and our loved ones through the turbulence.

However, do you often ask the following question from yourself and not find the answer.

  • What are you doing for yourself? 
  • How are you leading yourself through the crisis? 
  • How are you taking care of yourself as a leader, to ensure that you are at your best and able to help others?
  • 17 August 2022
  • 06 P.M. - 08 P.M.
  • Delivered Via Zoom
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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

1. How can leaders navigate the crisis by mastering their own responses?

2. How to engage and support your teams through uncertain times?

3. Mindfulness and awareness in moments of crisis

4. The art of being resourceful in a crisis

5. Maintaining Perspective When Leading Through a Crisis – What do good leaders do?

Meet Our Speakers

Russell Saunders

Facilitator, Coach, Consultant - Partner of inchigo
Russell Saunders is a highly sought after and skilled facilitator, coach and MC. He is equally comfortable and effective working with individuals, teams or large groups. He began his working life in sports and then shifted sharply into the Performing Arts before jumping into business. He brings the skills and insights he developed in his previous careers as a tennis player and coach and then as an actor to engage, communicate and inspire the people he works with.

He utilizes his passion for the development of people and organizations and his experience of working with the senior levels of many businesses to create programmes that explore the skills, the mind-set and the techniques for Leadership, Engagement and Change. Russell’s expertise lies in bringing the inner game of leadership to life through coaching and development interventions. He sets the conditions for insights to arise and designs processes that enable deep connection to the themes of his work and the drivers of those he works with.

Caitriona Egan

Facilitator, Coach, Consultant – Senior Associate of inchigo
Caitriona’s work internationally and across industry is all about supporting clients by creating the space and conditions for their future to emerge. Whether it is through diagnostic and design work, team effectiveness or coaching for peak performance, she co-creates and delivers tailored programmes supporting your organisation’s business and leadership agenda.

Caitriona’s experience in leading international teams as an Executive Strategy Consultant for KPMG, as Marketing and Sales Director for an Irish Hotel chain and, significantly, as a successful entrepreneur give her an insight and perspective into the nuances of business change and transformation. Caitriona is a committee member of ‘Kinvara Alive’, a community-based organisation which signposts resources for mental health in communities. They were recently profiled on national television, after which she hosted the launch of the national rollout for similar groups.

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