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Diploma in Child Psychology

Welcome to Diploma in Child Psychology conducted by ACE Education, SLTC.

This programmes is a mental health education program that allows students to gain knowledge through the understanding and applications of child and adolescent psychology. Childhood psychology and psychotherapy education are a unique branches of psychology and will be sought after by aspiring mental health practitioners and education leaders, given the pragmatism and societal demands.


The Diploma is designed for practicing primary and secondary school teachers, special education teachers, trainee teachers, social workers, child care and child protection workers and officers and other teacher training and psychology students who want to broaden their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of child and adolescent development and mental health


Live Virtual Sessions and Recorded Content


LKR 95,000


Diploma Level


One Year
12 Months

Upon completion of the program, participants will be awarded a certificate with a transcript 

12 Months; 2 Hours per week (online delivery) + 1 hour (self- study)

Why should you take this Program?

Use Psychological applications to support children and adolescents

Be able to practice professionally as a Child Psychologist upon completing the BSc in Psychology

Provide opportunities for career progressions and skilled migration

An ideal program for those who seek local and  international opportunities

Assignments and Final Examination

Continuous Assessment


Final Examination 


Course Fee LKR 95,000

Program Benefits

Practical, realistic and forms the foundation to specifics fields in psychology

Virtual lessons that are accessible at anytime 

Assessments that are based on practical aspects 

Pair and group work using the zoom breakout rooms 

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