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Certificate Course in Web Applications Development

A comprehensive short course to get an overall picture of web applications development. 

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Welcome to Certificate Course in Web Applications Development conducted by The ACE Education, SLTC.

This course will provide the basic background, terminology and fundamental concepts that need to be understood in order to build modern full stack web applications. The course will consist of front end programming, back end programming, data modeling, software architecture, the user interface and basic visual design and user interaction concepts. Under this course, you will be able to obtain theoretical understanding along with hands-on training using modern web application technologies.  


The course is open anyone who wishes to obtain practical exposure in web application development.


  • Concise knowledge on web applications in context
  • Understand the software development life cycle
  • Understand the software architecture and web application architecture
  • Build skills on front end programming with HTML, CSS, Java Script, Bootstrap
  • Build skills on data modeling and databases with MySQL, MSSQL
  • Build skills on back end programming with PHP, ASP.NET

Live Virtual Sessions and Recorded Content


Course Fee LKR 20,000
Registration Fee LKR 5,000


Beginner Level


03 Months
(12 Weeks)

Course Commencing Soon

Why should you take this course?

Learn industry best practices on web development 

Build high demand tech skills 

Opportunity to learn from an industrial expert

 Learn on industrial level software development process

Enhance the practical knowledge and improve the skills in web application development


Inoshi Jayaweera

Inoshi Jayaweera obtained her Master’s Degree– MSc. in Computer Science at University of Peradeniya. She is an experienced professional in the IT industry having 08+ years of service related to working with industrial level software applications.
Inoshi Jayaweera is an experienced lecturer in delivering lectures for undergraduate and professional training programs with over 05 years.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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